About Us

NRG Global Power B.V. specializes in laser alignment and 3D metrology, predominantly in the Marine and Energy sectors.

Since the formation of NRG in the UK during 2005, we have been providing skills and expertise on global power generation projects. NRG Global Power provides reputable technicians and engineers to install and commission mobile and land mounted gas turbines. We are also involved in the operations and maintenance of multiple unit sites, as well as de-mobilisation and plant relocation. Our NRG Global Power UK office are a Pruftechnik approved service provider, and are often involved in offshore and land based laser alignment projects acting on their behalf.

Besides the UK we have offices and a generator repair facility in Western Australia, and a business entity in the Amsterdam Area of The Netherlands.

From The Netherlands we offer further support toward power generation projects and turbine field services, however a major focus of our business is the Marine Industry. We provide laser and analogue shaft alignment services, as well as geometrical measurements and 3D surveys. We combine our skills, knowledge and expertise to conduct precision alignment of rotating and static equipment, implementing best practice procedures and corrective measures which may include on-site machining. 

We offer a complete solutions from alignment control, proposals and re-alignment of equipment, chocking and bolting solutions etc., allowing NRG Global Power to be a single source service provider.

Our alignment and 3D measurement solutions are far from limited to the marine and power sectors, we are often conducting our services in multiple industries around the globe.



“Success is down to a combination of ordinary people with extraordinary attitudes doing common tasks uncommonly well”



NRG Global Power provides the best business solutions for our customers by employing our skills, knowledge and abilities to innovate with partners, clients and suppliers to harness the best available expertise.

We continuously strive to be our customers and clients preferred contractor and employer of choice.



NRG Global Power’s core activities and experience is utilised mainly within the Power Generation and Marine sectors; however our versatile capabilities allow us to successfully supply an unquestionable high standard service to the following sectors:

  • Power
  • Marine
  • Oil & Gas
  • Chemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Renewable
  • Petrochemical
  • Utilities

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